Hand-made Bass Guitar amplifier, featuring high power and low noise, configurable in Stereo / Mono - or Bi-Amp Bridge modes

Hand-made Bass Guitar amplifier, featuring high power and low noise, configurable in Stereo / Mono - or Bi-Amp Bridge modes. The tubes pre-amp, based on a four double triodes design of excellent quality (1 x 5751, 1 x 12AX7WC, 1 x 12AT7 and 1 x ECC802S), processes the incoming signal providing incredible dynamics and definition. The input is compatible with bass guitars with active or passive on-board circuits. An internal compressorlimiter can be activated by pushing the dedicated button, allowing the creation of overdriven sounds. The tone controls, very effective and easy to use, allow the artists to get exactly the sound they desire. The mid control further enhances the versatility of this excellent preamp.

The solid state power amps, thanks to our exclusive NCA processor and the heavily oversized power supply section, can reproduce that warm, round tube amp sound at any volume, without ever reaching the clipping point and keeping the original apparent dynamics.

A complete set of switching devices for the selection of operating modes is provided: stereo / biamp or bridge.

 This version of the professional bass guitar high power head BP1000 delivers 1000 W RMS of power, with high dynamic speed, big stages, outdoor and for all the professional applications.



-     Valve preamp, based on four double triodes (1 x 5751, 1 x 12AX7WC, 1 x 12AT7 and 1 x ECC802S);

-     Possibility to overdrive the valve input stage, by setting the Gain control;

-     Input stage dynamic compressor, activated by the dedicated front panel switch;

-     Pad Switch, to reduce the sensitivity of about 15 db;

-     DRIFT control, for the immediate creation of full bodied yet clear sounds, well suitable for slapping techniques. Can be set from a flat position to + 15 db;

-     Automatic output level limiter featuring our NCA processor (patent pending): it prevents power stage clipping, compressing the signal dynamics efficiently and in a extremely musical way;

-     Toshiba mosfet power stage, rigorously selected by us.

Amp Specs - Tone Control:
Amp Specs - Weight:-1
25 Kg
Amp Specs - Size (H x W x D):
130 x 440 x 430 mm (3U rack)
Amp Specs - Power supply:
220V 50Hz AC
Amp Specs - Power output Connectors:
2 Speakons (L and R) and 1 Speakon (Mono/Bridge)
Amp Specs - Tuner Out:
1 Jack out
Amp Specs - Balanced out, DI:
1 Canon, male, with separate adjustable level
Amp Specs - Effect loops (unbalanced):
1 Pre eq. (mono) and Post eq. (mono Send – stereo Return)
Amp Specs - Input gain:
15db pad switch
Amp Specs - Protections:
Start-up timer, Antibump and speaker protection
Amp Specs - Crossover:
adjustable (in Bi-Amp mode only) from 50Hz to 1250 Hz
Amp Specs - Drift Middle Control:
from 250Hz to 600Hz +/-8db
Amp Specs - Bandwith:
+/- 0,5db - 32Hz÷12Khz (+/- 1,5db - 27Hz÷13Khz)
Amp Specs - Power out:
1500W Rms at 8 ohm
Amp Specs - Power out (Stereo/Bi-amp):
750+750W RMS at 4ohm or 500+500RMSW at 8ohm
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