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Bass guitar The BN212E is based upon the reliable design of the BS2X12CH.


The sound character follows the one of the BS2X12CH. Further more the BN212E can be easily compared to cabinets equipped with 10” speakers because of its fast response in transients and super defined attack. However the bass response stays incredibly full and punchy, even at the very low end of the audio spectrum, without any loss of definition, as you expect from a couple of 12'' speakers. In fact the main feature of the BN212E is the extreme precision in reproducing subsonic frequencies which are always perfectly 'on focus'.

The ATS custom mid-tweeter gives the hi-mid frequency range a very detailed and colorful sound, allowing all the nuances of the player's touch and the true tone of the instrument to be reproduced. The mid-tweeter level can be cotrolled directly by the musician thanks to the specific knob on the rear panel, allowing very precise adjustments and resulting extremely effective in any kind of acoustic situation. In other words the the BN212E is a very 'musical' cabinet designed with the goal of giving loudness and presence to the musician expressivity without losing any detail. Every shade of your sound is very precious and can really hear it with the BN212E

Available also in 2 colors: Black BN212E.Red BR212E., equipped with 2 X 10” Custom Woofers and a user controlled compression Tweeter, with level from 0 to -20 db and exclusion at the minimum

The BN210E is a bass guitar cab that combines high quality performances with low weight and small space. Carefully handcrafted, the BN210E features wide frequency and dynamic response that still sound authentic even at loud volumes or between 80 and 150 Hz, allowing the B string to fully resonate without that innatural boost on the second harmonic. The BN210E comes in three options, each with different cellulose custom woofers: T2, T23 or T3. While featuring the same technical specifications, the three models offer our customers a choice of three different spatial sound projections, starting from the T2 being narrower and deeper and progressing into a wider sound, typical of the T3. This cab is very versatile, and works its best in medium sized rooms or stages.

Cabinet Specs - Impedance:
4 Ohm
8 Ohm (a richiesta) - ( upon request)
Cabinet Specs- Nominal Power:
900 Watt (rms)
Cabinet Specs - Crossover Frequency
2 Khz
Cabinet Specs - Frequency Response:
30 Hz - 22.000 Hz
Cabinet Specs - Sensitivity (1 w/1 mt)
103 dB
Cabinet Specs - Weight:
28,5 Kg
Cabinet Specs - Dimensions mm (H x W x D)
530 x 580 x 350 mm
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