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Professional bass guitar cabinet equipped with four 10" custom woofers and compression tweeter with adjustable level from -10 to +10 dB.

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The BS4X10C is ATS best 4X10. Its incredible wide frequency response, obtained by the innovative techniques used in both design and construction, makes BS4X10C a very competitive cab. It is very accurate over the whole frequency range, featuring good clarity in the high range and remarkable definition in the lower range, allowing the B string to fully resonate even if tuned half a tone down.
The combination of the BS4X10C and BS1X15CH will enhance the subsonic response and deliver a massive airy sound, especially if powered by a stereo amp equipped with an active crossover. Thanks to this amp, the musician’s touch and the true voice of the instrument are easily revealed.
Upon request and little differences in price, the BS4X10C is available as T2, T23 and T3 versions. The main difference concerns the horizontal sound projection: the T2 is more directional towards the audience, the T23 is well projected but has a wider range, and the T3 has a wider projection angle and can be easily heard everywhere on stage.

The BS4X10C comes in the colours Anthracite (BA410C) and Red (BR410C).

Cabinet Specs - Impedance:
4 - 8 Ohm
Cabinet Specs- Nominal Power:
1000 Watt (rms)
Cabinet Specs - Crossover Frequency
2 Khz
Cabinet Specs - Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 20.000 Hz
Cabinet Specs - Sensitivity (1 w/1 mt)
103 dB
Cabinet Specs - Weight:
43 Kg
Cabinet Specs - Dimensions mm (H x W x D)
680 x 580 x 480 mm
Cabinet Specs - Suggested Power for the Amplifier
500 ÷ 1200 Watt
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