We have set ourselves the problem of developing adequate power amplifiers and the highest level of sonic performance, after noting that too often our customers were unable to adequately exploit the potential of our cases because of the limitations that even the best amplifiers major brands of industrial production showed in the most demanding, in particular the ability to supply high currents at the highest levels of power.

Our BP500 and BP1000 750W at 4ohm 1500W 8ohm bridge configuration is the appropriate response to these needs. Adequate power, a note often painful in amplifiers bearing the most prestigious, Slew-Rate and high damping factors are some of the basic requirements that we believe in an amplifier to drive a well casing ATS .. 

The LBA-5 MK-III, an amplifier is designed with a completely different goal than the older brothers BP500 andBP1000, high sonic performance in a small space and weight.