The development of our first product, a crate 4x10 'most tweeters from 1,000 Watts (AES), also called BS4X10C, took more than a year of painstaking research and development, the use of custom high quality speakers with a structure of the cellulose membrane is unique in its kind and the use of internal components and materials without compromising quality. The result, described as "exciting" by the various professional bass players whom we asked to try them, encouraged us to continue on this road.

The cases A.T.S. have an unusual extension of the frequency response, an incredible sound definition, even at higher pressures and the extraordinary ability to easily withstand the very strong transients produced by modern instruments and high-power amplifiers. Every detail, from the woods used for boxes to each speaker, the oversized components of obsessive attention to passive filters for internal construction, it aims to provide the user with many years of hard work to quality standards "High-End".

To date, our research led us to the realization of different speaker systems available for bass with our special speaker cone structure in T2 and T3 versions or mixed T23:



Our now famous 2x10 "plus tweeter BS2X10C 500W, with separate sub-woofer 2x12"-type push-pull BSS2X12C 500W. Or versions 800W BS2X10CH and its sub BSS2X12CH: an incredible combination of power, definition sound, lightness and flexibility of use.

Our cabinet 4x10 "historical BS4X10C with the separate sub-woofer 1x15 'BS1X15CH from 1,000 Watts (AES), a combination designed to be used in situations that demand - seismic levels - a massive and precise sound pressure but also a airy and enveloping sound.

The new 2x12 "stand alone BN212E 900W which can also be combined with BS2X10CH 800W.

The new 2x10 "600W BN210E, the extraordinary efficiency and speed of attack.

Our new cabinet BS4X10CH 1600W developed specially to be driven by the overwhelming power amplifiers as well that supplies our BP1000 1500W bridged at 8ohm.