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Bass guitar speaker cabinet, equipped with a custom 15” woofer and an adjustable compression tweeter, with a range from –10 to +10 db and complete exclusion at minimum.
Perfect when used together with our speaker cabinets BS2X10CH, BS4X10C and BS4X10ED-EG.

Amazing! That’s how bassists describe this speaker cabinet after getting a taste of the BS1X15CH.

Its wide response, from the lowest frequencies to the upper limit, and its extremely quick attack - something you wouldn’t expect from a 15 inches woofer - make our BS1X15CH a great speaker cabinet, both used as standalone or as subwoofer.
Used together with a 4x10 (just like our BS4X10C-T23) and powered by a stereo amplifier with active crossovers, the BS1X15CH offers deep, embracing, crystal clear tones at every sound level.
With this powerful cab, the musician’s touch and the true voice of the instrument are easily revealed.
Available also in a version without the tweeter (BSS1X15CH), ideal as subwoofer only.

Cabinet Specs - Impedance:

8 Ohm
Cabinet Specs- Nominal Power:
1000 Watt (rms)
Cabinet Specs - Crossover Frequency
2 Khz
Cabinet Specs - Frequency Response:
19 Hz - 22.000 Hz
Cabinet Specs - Sensitivity (1 w/1 mt)
100 dB
Cabinet Specs - Weight:
34 Kg
Cabinet Specs - Dimensions mm (H x W x D)
530 x 580 x 485 mm
Cabinet Specs - Suggested Power for the Amplifier
500 ÷ 1000 Watt
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