A.T.S., Advanced Telecommunications Systems, took off in 1986 from an idea of the regular, Rosaria Chiollo and the husband, Enrico Santagati, as a small artisan business operating in the field of designing and manufacturing Electronic Equipments for Telecommunications and correlated automations.

In 1992 our designer started to study and developed audio equipments, aimed to the professional use at first and later - one year, more or less - to the private audiophiles too.

A.T.S. is, in effect, an atypical artisan business, because not only we design and manufacture by our own into a wide range of fields, we also invest important economic resources into designs and researches applying the most advanced technologies available. 

At A.T.S. we have a design and manufacturing process that is generally aimed to limited series of products (or also prototypes only), having in mind High Quality and Reliability at first. 

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