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ATS - "SPLITTER-A" - Continuing innovation!

Ats presents a new device for the well-known, and innovative bass guitar head amps ATS LBA-5 MKIII.

It is called "Splitter-A", and it enables to use in parallel the two preamplifiers inside the LBA5, significantly widening the large timbre properties if this innovative head.


The sound is so amplified on two preamp lines with two different sound characteristics, which are then mixed before the final amplification stage, obtaining a stronger dynamic push and giving the perception of a higher volume. This also allows obtaining timbric lines obtainable only controlling the two Gain levels in input and even leaving the preamp one tones excluded, in the flat position. 


Those who tried our LBA-5 MKIII know that channel 1 can be saturated quickly with the newest active bass guitars. While the "ultra-linear" channel 2  is tough to saturate also with powerful signals. This characteristic, when combined with the "A Splitter", allows combining the two signals in the two channels, the saturated one in channel 1 with the clean signal in channel 2, giving a sweeter sound or exacerbating the saturation, obtaining a sound, impossible to other systems. 

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