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Hi-End Instruments Jack + Angle shielded cable for Basses etc.; 3 mt

This line of signal cables for musical instruments, in particular for low and bass, has been developed to provide the extremely high performances and ensure in the different conditions of use the maximum flexibility and mechanical strength.
The conductors are composed of a number of copper wires from the very small diameter, (OFC Class 6 tinned 24 AWG 19 x 0.12 mm twisted at a very low residual inductance) that makes the cable very easy to handle and with very low electrical resistance.
In accordance with the specifications AES / EBU standard.


The sheath is constructed of wire with a special plastic polymer to obtain a low capacity, essential for digital interconnections and excellent for analog connections.

The double shielding in aluminum foil and tinned copper spiral, ensures a high level of protection against electrostatic and electromagnetic interference (EMI / RFI).

The blue PVC outer sheath extraflex flame retardant is water resistant to chemicals, abrasion and foot traffic.

Shielded Cables Specs - Length:-1
5 mt.
Shielded Cables Specs - Operating temperature:
-30° +70° C.
Shielded Cables Specs - Screen 1:
Spiral OFC tinned 90% coverage
Shielded Cables Specs - Screen 2:
Aluminum foil cover 100
Shielded Cables Specs - Conductor:
OFC 24 AWG 18 x 0,12 mm x 2
Shielded Cables Specs - Outer sheath:
GREEN diam. 7 mm flame retardant
Shielded Cables Specs - Training copper conductors:-1
AES / EBU DMX-pair 24 AWG OFC tinned 19 x 0.12 mm x2 twisted very low inductance distributed.
Shielded Cables Specs - Connectors:-1
SH-J522SL n°1 Jack Neutrik straightn°1 Jack Neutrik pipe
Shielded Cables Specs - distributed inductance:
0.1 uH/mt
Shielded Cables Specs - Distributed capacitance:-1
93 pF/mt
Shielded Cables Specs - Frequency Responce:
+/- 1,5 db from 0 to 3 Mhz
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