Among the founders, of one of the first Ligabue cover bands in Italy, the Rubiera Blues. Since 1997, date of foundation, to 2003, more than 600 concerts, touring Italy and also collaborating with famous artists. He then played with other Ligabue cover bands, including the Ligadue of Rome, the LigabueCoverBand of Florence, the 010 of Rome, the RadioMemphis of Rome, the Binario3 of Rome, the Radio Raptus of Rome and others.

- Collaboration with Square Dance, a country band active since 1989. Intense live activity, in Italy and abroad, important events, festivals, private parties with VIPs and renowned clubs.

- Collaboration with new music artists led him to participate in studio album recordings (Miele Rancido, Iunema) and important events such as the final phase of Sanremo Rock in Faenza (Miele Rancido), Sanremo 2010, Finals of the City Music Lab at The Place of Rome and final of Musicultura in Macerata (Jacopo Ratini), Evening for Abruzzo at the Grand Theater of Rome, Fabrik Festival in Sesto S. Giovanni (Marco Conidi), and many others.

- In 2012 he joined the FRETS orchestra, composed of 60 guitars and 20 basses, with which he performed contemporary music composition at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Sinopoli, in Rome.

- In 2013 he joined the 883 TRIBUTE BAND of Rome.

- From 2014, with the UKUS band UKUS IN FABULA, collect an average of 100 concerts a year, with TV appearances and concerts in Italy and abroad (Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Austria, Scotland ), in clubs, festivals and various events.

- In the same year he joined the gospel choir band ROMA GOSPEL VOICES.

- From 2015 on a permanent basis in the broadcast WEBNOTTE of Repubblica, with the band of Economists.

Video- UKUS IN FABULA "Promo"