The principle behind the design and manufacture of our products has always been to achieve top class performance guarantee, in any musical context, and even at high volumes, the sound reproduction in every detail and in particular the low musical instruments in general, with the maximum amplitude and definition of dynamic range.
Many musicians invest lots of money on cables from the low-cost, until they finally comprehend that the cables that they have just bought are substantially inadequate to meet their needs, or they realize that they ruin the whole image of the sound of an instrument made with extreme care and very expensive.
We have distanced themselves from this type of products and offer top quality cables at a fair price.
This cable is made of professional high end copper very refined. To further improve the specifications, the surface of the copper (OFC class 6. Level of purity 99.9999%) is subjected to tin plating and isolation of the conductor is made of foam of high quality, the twisting and the double shield together with the particular design adopted to maintain a low capacitance and inductance distributed allow the achievement of unmatched performance for this type of cables. The coating is made of PVC to wear and very robust to external agents and is resistant to UV rays.

The advantages are a great sound transmission capabilities extremely fast transients (ideal for attacks), an average range of very convincing, detailed, deep and controlled bass and a full harmonic content.
Sound Image enormously large, powerful and clear bass guitars, bass, guitar and keyboards.
Double shielding with large noise immunity due to a combination of Screen and Spiral Drain Wire of copper and the screen in a thin but strong sheet of aluminum conductor.
Very low transmission losses due to the low capacity coupled with low inductance distributed.
Very robust and resistant when stepped on with a special PVC coating and heavy copper shield.



High quality cables for bass, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and keyboards, for the study and the stage.

Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixers, etc. ..

In all applications the cables you'll find in our irreplaceable companions of your musical performances.

We are confident that even in this case, your ears will give us reason.